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Travel Boating Lifestyle is the creative outlet for Fiona Harper & David Hartman – travel writers, photographers, content creators, web producers, social media managers, sailors, divers, runners, outdoor adventurers, travellers and gadget geeks (more about this obsession later). We’re seasoned story tellers who live and love life, capturing entertaining and intriguing stories with our words and images.Fiona Harper & David Hartman | Travel Boating Lifestyle

Two storytellers · Endless horizons

Between the two of us we’ve been documenting stories for the best part of half a century. Ssshhh, don’t mention that to upstart Influencers armed with a snappy smartphone and a sassy Instagram feed. It makes us sound old, we know. We get it. But in this game, reputation and a proven track record counts. It counts a lot.

Experience and journalistic ethics are at the heart of Travel Boating Lifestyle. That, and the ability to craft a yarn using tried and true story telling techniques utilising the latest technology.

Work With Us

Developed and launched in 2008, Travel Boating Lifestyle is the creation of Fiona Harper travel writer, who also created the popular Marinas Guide. Much-published, well-travelled and highly acclaimed, Fiona has a Google #1 page ranking for best Australian travel writers. David Hartman photographer, videographer and photojournalist is the creative visual talent whose images help Fiona’s words sing.

Meet Fiona and David 

Essentially, Travel Boating Lifestyle is a much-loved creative outlet where we get to produce and publish interesting stories from our travels. The stories worth sharing. The one’s we’re passionate about. Those that we love to create, putting our heart and soul into finding the right balance of words and images. But more importantly, our cherished readers have told us these are the stories they come to Travel Boating Lifestyle for. God bless the two of you!

Remember what we said earlier about gadgets?

We’ve got some pretty extraordinary gadgets and gear for taking images above and below the water, even from the air (though truth be known, we’re still brandishing L plates on our drone). We record soundtracks from the field wherever possible, capturing that church choir, the giggle of children, the tinkle of ukuleles. Technology allows us to travel off the beaten path, meet interesting people and listen to their stories. Fans of slow and intimate travel, we’ve the time and the patience to conduct interviews, shoot the story and publish from wherever our travels take us. Unless our GPS tracker has gone awry, it’s unlikely you’ll find the Travel Boating Lifestyle team tracking down stories in downtown New York or riding the Tube in London. We’re inspired by wild landscapes and the people and wildlife that inhabit them.

So please, slip into something comfortable (or strap on something sharp and pointy, whatever floats your boat, we’re all adults here, we’re not going to judge), mix yourself a mojito, top it with a cocktail umbrella and enjoy some fun travel adventures through our eyes.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to shout it from the rooftops if you love Travel Boating Lifestyle as much as we do. Each time you like or share an article from this site the travel fairy grants a business class upgrade to a random traveller. It could be you! Even if you miss out on the upgrade, you’ll be rewarded with good karma for sharing the love. Promise.

We’re available for hire!

If on the other hand you are looking to collaborate with the multi-talented Travel Boating Lifestyle team, pop over to Work with Us page or Ask for our Media Kit. We love working with travel, boating and lifestyle brands!

Where We’ve Been Published

With almost 50 years experience between the two of us, our words and images have been published in print and digital publications across the globe. Here’s a small sample of publications we’ve worked with.

Fiona & David x