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Influence: the capacity to have an effect on the behavior of someone in a way which results, directly or indirectly, in a business outcome

Travel Boating Lifestyle has Influence

At Travel Boating Lifestyle we have influence as content creators with almost 50 years experience. We've been producing content, stories, words and images - influencing others - for almost half a century!  We've worked with some of the most exciting travel, tourism and lifestyle brands. In a nutshell, we know what's going on, particularly when it comes to travel and boating lifestyles. And we're not afraid to engage with others who share similar interests. Read more about Fiona & David.

Why should you care? Because we know how to place your message in front of those who are interested in travel and boating lifestyles. And if they're interested in our message, there's a good chance they'll be keen enough to follow a call to action, to engage with your product. It's not rocket surgery.


It's a word that used to conjure visions of an opened gate leading down the path of eternal happiness embraced by two lovers. Now, engagement is more of a gang bang, if you'll excuse the crass analogy. What we mean is, it's all about inviting as many people as possible to the social media and engagement party. Friends, lovers, strangers, their friends and lovers and even more strangers are all invited. We want to keep all these party-goers imbibed and entertained, enticing and tantalising them, flirting with them (heck, with each other too!), stimulating their interest, stashing a calling card in their purse or pocket before the food congeals, the drinks run out and the crowd disperses.

We want them to wake up the next morning, with or without regrets 'about last night' we don't care, whatever floats your boat, we're not going to judge. But we do want them to remember that cute young thing from the night before (that's us!) and want more. A lot more.

That's where you and your product comes in. With our help, we'll have your target customers panting for more. More information, more stories, more of you. And your product. Like I said, it's not brain science.

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A BIG thank you for the lovely article in Travel Boating Lifestyle. Love your description of Piet - you've summed him up nicely 🙂 - Tasmanian Boat Charters

Is your brand or product a good fit for Travel Boating Lifestyle?

  • Are your customers male or female aged mid 30's and over?
  • Are your customers active in seeking out unique travel, boating and lifestyle experiences?
  • Are your customers current or potential boat owners?
  • Do your products encourage people to travel by land, sea or air?
  • Do you have travel, boating or soft adventure news you'd like to put in front of an engaged audience?

If you can answer Yes to at least one of these questions we should talk!


Where We Are Seen

Travel Boating Lifestyle (and sister publication Marinas Guide) have an active engaged readership that are interested in outdoor activities, boating, travel and the lifestyle that accompanies these pursuits. We are heavily engaged on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, constantly engaging with and building our following. Be sure to follow us on social media and share the love!

We rely on the latest analytical data to to keep track of our influence and to ensure we're hitting the right note with our readership. For full details on our digital presence along with other projects that we've worked on, please ask for our media kit.



Thank you so much again for all your wonderful work on this project and look forward to working with you again in the future - Cairns Holiday Services

Banner Ads | Commissioned Editorial

1. Banner Ad - Spaces are available in prominent positions across Travel Boating Lifestyle.
COST: $250 per banner ad, renewable annually. Once only setup fee of $220 applies.

2. Banner Ad Home page Header - Be seen on every single page with a prominent position on our site header!
COST: $550 per banner ad, renewable annually. Once only setup fee of $220 applies.

3. Commissioned Editorial posts are written by Fiona Harper travel writer. Articles are written to your brief, tagged, categorised and chock full of SEO optimised keywords. Text is linked with appropriate urls linking back to your site.
COST: $400 per commissioned editorial post, cross linked across social media. Article is published for one 12 months.

All costs quoted are in AUD and are GST exclusive.



Press Trips | Photography | Websites | Content

Fiona Harper is a travel writer, content creator, digital media manager & travel editor who welcomes the opportunity to review travel and tourism products. Her articles are published on Travel Boating Lifestyle as well as in print and digital media globally. Fiona has developed a reputation as one of Australia's most respected travel writers and has a Google page #1 ranking for Best Australian travel writers. Additionally, Fiona is available for content creation, digital and social media management projects. See Fiona Harper's website for more information.

David Hartman photographer is available for photographic assignments, either as part of an editorial word/image team with Fiona Harper, or on independent photographic projects. Additionally, David is available to manage website production projects, whether you need a new website or tweaking of your existing site. With 30 years photojournalism and 15 years web producing experience, see David Hartman's website for more information.



Many thanks for your hard work over ANZA [conference], we would not have had the amazing success without you, what a team! - Study Cairns

Who We Have Worked With

Travel Boating Lifestyle has been working with companies and brands across the globe for more years than we care to remember. We've been engaged to work on projects small and large, from one-off editorial and photographic assignments to international conferences and long-term digital media assignments. We're fortunate to have been commissioned to work with leading companies in their field, whether the story be hard news or lifestyle and leisure.

Here's just a few of the companies who have entrusted us to share their stories.

Dometic | Mobile Living Stories | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Fiji Airways | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Solomon Islands Tourism | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Tourism Australia | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Hamilton Island | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Tourism Events QLD | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Bundaberg Tourism | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Japan National Tourism Board | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Tropical North Queensland Tourism | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Tourism Port Douglas Daintree | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Thala Beach Nature Reserve | Travel Boating LIfestyle
Likuliku Lagoon Resort | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Tourism New Zealand | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Manitoba | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Visit Canberra | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Singapore Tourism Board |Travel Boating Lifestyle
South African Tourism |Travel Boating Lifestyle
Tourism Northern Territory |Travel Boating Lifestyle
South Australia |Travel Boating Lifestyle
Life's an Adventure | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Nova Scotia | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Fairmont Hotels | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Accor Hotels |Travel Boating Lifestyle
One&Only |Travel Boating Lifestyle
Vibe Hotels |Travel Boating Lifestyle
Doctors without borders | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Ontario Pay Equity Commisison | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Study Cairns | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Aurora Expeditions | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Ayana Resort Bal | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Canada Tourism | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Laucala Island Resort Fiji | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Thailand Tourism | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Lagoon Catamarans | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Corinna Wilderness Experience | Travel Boating Lifestyle
ASTW | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Singapore Tourism Board |Travel Boating Lifestyle
Great Southern Rail | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Great Walks of Australia | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Destination NSW
Jamala Wildlife Lodge | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Travel Writers Radio | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Alaska Tourism |Travel Boating Lifestyle
British Airways |Travel Boating Lifestyle
Scoot |Travel Boating Lifestyle
Spicers Retreats | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Tourism Fiji | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Oxfam | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Cruise Whitsundays | Travel Boating Lifestyle
Taiwan Tourism Board | Travel Boating Lifestyle

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