Biking Bravado in South Africa

I’m the first to admit I’ve little clue about mountain biking. Collecting my swanky new bike (a Specialized Camber 29er for those who care about such details) a week before signing up for the three day Sani2c stage race in South Africa  and six weeks before confronting our first mountain, … Continue reading

Stalking lions in South Africa

In, out. In, out. Deep, contented sigh. The relaxed  breath cycle begins again. In, out. In, out. Late afternoon shadows deepen into evening dusk as the bush beyond the dry river bed darkens. With not a whisper of wind to rustle the trees overhead, the only sound I hear is the breath of … Continue reading

48 Hours in Cape Town

Cape Town has loomed enticingly for travellers since scurvy-riddled Spanish sailors landed at the Cape of Good Hope in the 1500’s. Changing forever the equilibrium of resident indigenous nomads, the city’s population today is a multi-racial melting pot drawn from countries near and … Continue reading