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Travel Writer Fiona Harper checks in from Amritsar, India

Travel writer Fiona Harper & photographer David Hartman chat about sailing around Fiji

A romance novelist couldn’t have scripted for a better ending. A travel writer looking for a “Plus One” meets a travel photographer, they find love and collaboration, and now live their dream lives from a boat in Fiji. Adelaine Ng caught up with Fiona Harper and David Hartman of Travel Boating Lifestyle to find out how things have been working out and what they’ve explored recently around Fiji.

Travel writer Fiona Harper finds her perfect Plus One in Fiji

Last year we spoke to travel writer Fiona Harper who advertised for a “Plus One” – someone to accompany her on her travel writing gigs – and maybe the rest of her journey through life. Well the song we played to introduce the interview, Heart’s on Fire by Passenger, was a clue as Graeme Kemlo is about to reveal the development in this story.…and Travel Writers Radio is very much in the mix. We’re not saying we are the Yenta (matchmaker) in all of this but make up your own mind…

Fiona Harper chats to Travel Writers Radio about her search for a Travel Writers Plus One

Cairns-based travel writer Fiona Harper spoke to Graeme Kemllo on Travel Writers Radio about her recent advertisement looking for a travel writer’s “Plus One” – an official guest to accompany her on media famils to enjoy exotic locations and memorable experiences.

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