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Wildlife of Tropical North Queensland

by Fiona Harper

Celebrating their 80’th birthday in 2015, Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures is one of Queensland’s most popular wildlife parks. Located 10 minutes south of Port Douglas in Tropical North Queensland, Hartley’s is a fabulous centre for viewing wildlife in semi-natural surrounds. Don’t miss the Croc feeding frenzy at 3pm each day – it’s an absolute must do!

Fresh and saltwater crocodiles are the park’s main attractions, but there’s plenty of other animals to check out. Take a boat trip on the lagoon, which is home to around 20 crocodiles as well as prolific birdlife – those that are smart enough to stay out of reach of the crocs that is! Travel writer/photographer got up close and personal with the head of the food chain in these parts. Enjoy these images of crocodiles, which despite their fearsomeness have an element of beauty about them.

saltwater crocodile in lagoon, Hartleys Croc Farm

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