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This is sailing. Get on board!

by Fiona Harper

Sailing gets into your system and rarely lets go of those who get hooked.  Whether you sail for pleasure, for sport, for work or for the simple joy of feeling the wind in your hair, there are few pleasures in this world that come close to the joy of sailing. If you’ve never had the pleasure of feeling the power of wind against canvas, this video might go some way to explain. If not, may I suggest that you get yourself down to your local yacht club, sign up as a crew member and learn the pointy end from the blunt end.

Go on, I dare you to give it a try!

Percy Islands QLD
Marquesas Islands Tahiti
The Kimberley region in norther Western Australia
Pearl lugger sails through anchorage at Cable Beach Broome

Have you tried sailing? Or are you an old salt of the sea? Tell us about your first time in the comments below!

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