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In pictures: Boats

Boats, sailboats, fishing boats & small boats high & dry waiting for the tide to come in

by Fiona Harper
Savusavu Fiji anchorage at dawnFIONA HARPER-Maheno-shipwreck-Kgari-Fraser-IslandOriental Boat Harbour, North Carolina. Image Fiona HarperOriental Boat Harbour, North Carolina. Image Fiona HarperOriental Boat Harbour, North Carolina. Image Fiona HarperOriental Boat Harbour, North Carolina. Image Fiona Harper

The stories behind the photographs

Capturing photographs from my travels around the world, I love the serendipity of heading out for an adventure to see what I may discover. Boats are definitely my thing, whether it’s being on them, walking around them dockside or pottering around waterways looking at boats. Take me to a marina, a boat harbour or an anchorage and I’m one happy sailor.

This gallery is a work in progress and is being constantly updated.

The equipment I use

My main camera is a Canon 5DM4 with my go-to lens being a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 ( I absolutely LOVE this lens!). I also travel with a Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L which works for wide-angle, as it did in the shot of Fred in his woodshed.

Usually I travel with a Manfrotto tripod, though in this case I didn’t have it with me.

For calibrating my screens once I start the editing process I recommend either of these products:

Calibrate ColourChecker (sells for approx AUD250)

Datacolour SpyderX Pro (retails for approx AUD260)

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Travel tips & packing hacks

Packing light and compact is essential when your trip involves multiple types of travel. If you’ve got a couple of flights, maybe a bus, train or ferry trip involved too, moving around with luggage is one of those tiresome things about travel. I’ve found from much exeperiences, that it pays to travel with as little luggage as possible. Though I don’t always follow my own advice, I too employ a few tactics to make travel easier.


Use compact or compression cubes within your luggage to keep things organised. The upside to using packing cubes is that your clothes don’t end up in a crushed mess of crinkles and wrinkles.
For less than AUD30 these Compression Packing Cubes are an awesome bargain.

Compression packing cube


Use a lightweight bag that’s tough enough to withstand the rigours of travel. Luggage gets a hard time as its tossed in and out of aircraft cargo bays, onto carousels, onto buses, trains and ferries. Not to mention the amount of time it gets dragged around behind us.

North Face make some of the most durable luggage. But what I really like about North Face gear is that comes in a range of colours. It makes it easy to pick out my luggage from a luggage carousel. Not to mention the joy that bright colours bring! My red rolling North Face duffle bag is my go-to choice of luggage when I’m getting off the beaten track.

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