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In pictures: Cistern Chapel – public art installation causing a sensation

The Cistern Chapel is the latest public art installation which is causing a sensation in the historic Queensland city of Maryborough.

by Fiona Harper

The stories behind the photographs

Capturing photographs from my travels around the world, I love the serendipity of heading out for an adventure to see what I may discover.

In the historic Queensland city of Maryborough, a daggy old public toilet block has been completely transformed. This public loo, dubbed the Cistern Chapel, is adorned with magnificent artworks in both the mens and ladies toilets and the parents room. Click on the images to see the Cistern Chapel, Maryborough’s fabulously colourful public toilet in full colour.

The equipment I use

My main camera is a Canon 5DM4 with my go-to lens being a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 ( I absolutely LOVE this lens!). I also travel with a Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L which works for wide-angle, as it did in the shot of Fred in his woodshed.

Usually I travel with a Manfrotto tripod, though in this case I didn’t have it with me.

For calibrating my screens once I start the editing process I recommend either of these products:

Calibrate ColourChecker (sells for approx AUD250)

Datacolour SpyderX Pro (retails for approx AUD260)

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