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Google maps the Great Barrier Reef

by Fiona Harper

Hardy Reef, Whitsundays QLDGoogle Maps and Caitlin Seaview Survey have been joined forces to photograph the Great Barrier Reef. It’s like Streetview for the ocean!

Check out the amazing footage at Google Ocean

Google’s  Street View maps are showcasing the underwater world in all its kaleidoscopic glory with the launch of pioneering technology of the world’s first 3D mapping of the Great Barrier Reef.

Australian underwater photographers and researchers Catlin Seaview Survey, who have been providing fabulous underwater images for a few years, teamed up with Google to create the database. This amazing technology allows viewers to virtually dive the World Heritage Area, exploring the Great Barrier Reef without all that pesky sand and saltwater.

The site will also be able to document changes in the reef and to compare its condition against events like tropical cyclones or the long term affects of global warming. Other threats like crown of thorns starfish invasions can also be monitored. Catlin Seaview Survey researchers used special camera gear to collect hundreds of thousands of images from along the Queensland coastline.


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